Online Counseling

We enable our clients to talk to a therapist securely over the phone, tablet or computer

Outreach & Advocacy

We take our mental health services directly to the community and also advocate for the health rights of marginalized groups

Research & Capacity Building

We train people involved in the lives of persons with mental health conditions and research on the best mental health practice

welcome to MAANDEEQ

Maandeeq Mental Health and Training Institute

Welcome to Maandeeq Mental Health & Training Institute 

One in three individuals in Somalia have some form of mental illness according to the latest scientific data. Exposures to both man-made and natural disasters have contributed to such high rates of mental health challenges. Most often, the physical wounds of tragedies are addressed and the psychological impacts over looked. Damaged buildings are rebuilt soon after attacks as we’ve seen in the cases of recent attacks such as Zoobe, Dayax Hotel, SYL, NasaHablood, Jazeera and Ambassador hotel and many more. 


What is unfortunate is that hidden wounds barely get discussed let alone addressed, leaving a nation and its people deeply wounded,  relationally disconnected, and unable to heal.

what we provie at maandeeq

Our Services

The team at Maandeeq Mental Health provides a wide range of evidence-based therapies and counselling services to adults, children, adolescents and groups. Our focus is promoting social resilience for individuals, groups, organizations, and communities.


The Maandeeq Philosophy

Our care is grounded in science, informed by evidence and driven by passion. Building societal trust, anchoring reconciliation and conflict by addressing hidden wounds caused by protracted conflict is central to our model. We see Mental Wellness as key driver to societal progress and cohesion especially in post conflict environments

Open Your Heart To Us

Each one of us wants someone to talk to, we will listen to you with all our heart

What's Going on at maandeeq?

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